Top Auto Paint And Repair Problems And Solutions

Whether you are trying to repair your car with touch up paint or get a major paint job done due to a major accident there are some problems that you should know may arise. If you are aware beforehand what you may encounter, then you will know what solutions exist and there costs. Auto body professionals are skilled technicians and care about the results that they achieve. However, the intricacies that are posed sometimes can create additional problems.

Raised Bubbling

While spraying the first layer of primer on the car, if the technician has not properly cleaned the area, you will be able to see the first sign of a crater. The craters are caused by dirt or oil or grease that is on the car and then a layer of primer goes on top of it. If this is not caught right away it will only get worse. Since the layers only build up the solution is just as problematic. Please avoid this problem in the first instance by cleaning with chemical solutions to remove any build up on the vehicle.

Colors Mixing

No, it is not a pretty mix. When you are ready to make your final application on the car and then you see that there is bleeding of another color that mixes, you have a problem. The first color derives from the car’s original paint. It was not dry and firm before the new paint color was applied. Make sure to not have to fix this problem, by avoiding it in the first place. Use a sealant before beginning.

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles or puckering occurs when air gets trapped in bubbles while you are spraying the paint. The bubble may or may not pop, either way there is distortion. If it pops, you have a crater left and it is an eyesore. If it does not pop, then there is a bubble that is also an eyesore. To remedy this problem, you will have to use an abrasive material to smoothen the car’s surface and repaint.

Litter In The Paint

This is not a problem that you want to have. You have to clean your workshop area before you start to paint. Needless to say this is not a sterile environment, it is messy and dusty and dirty. Since this job requires sanding and cleaning, the workshop is usually very dusty. As a result, there will be litter or rubbish around. Try to clean the area to avoid getting debris in your fresh paint job. Contact IN Collision and Auto Repair for all your auto body repair needs.

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