Things to Consider When Changing the Paint on Your Car

If you want to spruce up and revitalize your home, nothing is more effective than a fresh coat of paint. The same is true of your car, and simply changing the color of the paint can give the vehicle you drive a whole new look.

Whether your vehicle was damaged in an accident or is just showing its age, giving it a fresh paint job and a brand new color could make your car, truck or SUV look like new. A fresh coat of paint could even increase the value of your vehicle, improving its resale value and giving you a better deal at trade-in time. But before you start shopping for paint colors, it is important to think about the impact that new shade will have. Here are some things to consider when changing the paint on your car.

Do You Like the Current Color?

The first thing to think about before repainting your car is how much you like its current color. If you love the current color of your car but hate the faded shade, repainting the vehicle with the same color code is probably the way to go.

You can generally find the paint code for your car inside the front door panel, but in some cases the information will be in the glove box or under the trunk lid. If you are unsure where to find the paint code, check your owner’s manual or ask your favorite body shop or collision center.

Will the New Paint Complement the Upholstery?

If you hate the current color of your vehicle, you can always change to something you like better. The body shop or collision center you choose will carefully remove the old paint, prepare the surface for a new coat of paint and apply the color you choose. But before you choose the shade, you need to look at the entire vehicle, not just the faded exterior.

It is important that the new paint color you choose work with the upholstery you already have. Changing the color of the automotive upholstery can be much more challenging than repainting the exterior, so picture what the finished vehicle will look like before you make your final decision.

You can use software and computer modeling to see what your chosen paint color will look like, and how well it will work with the upholstery color. Once you find a good match, you can make an appointment with your local body shop or collision center to get your vehicle repainted and give it a new lease on life.

Repainting your vehicle is one of the best things you can do to improve its appearance and enhance its resale value. There are a number of things to consider before repainting your vehicle, but as long as you know what to look for, a new coat of paint can make even the oldest vehicle look like brand new.

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Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay

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