How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint

Whether you drive a brand new sports car or a decades-old station wagon, the way you take care of that vehicle will be reflected in its performance. If you care for your vehicle properly, your vehicle will return the favor, providing years and years of quality service and helping you get around on a daily basis.

How your vehicle looks is just as important, especially if you plan to sell your old set of wheels somewhere down the line. If you care for your vehicle’s paint the right way, you can maintain its resale value and keep it looking like new no matter how old it gets. Caring for the paint on your vehicle is not a difficult thing to do; all it takes is a few minutes of maintenance and a few dollars of quality products.

Avoid Scrapes – Watch Where You Park

It you are tired of seeing new dings and dents every time you park your car, you might want to rethink your parking strategy. Instead of choosing the closest parking spot every time you go to the store, head to the end of the parking lot and look for a spot all by yourself.

You may not be able to guarantee that no one else parks there, but you will at least minimize your chance of paint damage. You will have to walk a few extra steps, but it is worth it to save your paint.

Wash and Wax Your Vehicle

Regular washing and waxing is one of the best ways to protect your paint job and keep your vehicle looking like new no matter how old it gets. Washing your car will make you feel good, but it will also protect your vehicle’s finish.

Washing your vehicle requires nothing more than a bucket and a garden hose, so there is no reason not to do it. Be sure to use a quality automotive soap, and follow the instructions on the package carefully.

When the car is clean and dry, it is time to protect the finish with a good wax. Use a quality wash designed to protect the paint on your vehicle, and buff it carefully to protect the finish. If the wax is doing its job, you should see the water bead up beautifully every time it rains. When the water no longer beads, you know it is time for a new coat of wax.

Taking care of your vehicle the right way starts with the finish. If you care for the paint job on your vehicle, you will preserve the resale value of your ride while enjoying many wonderful miles.

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Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay

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