How to Prepare Your Car Engine for the New York Summer Heat

The state of New York is a land of temperature extremes. If you live here, you already know that. After a summer spent dodging blizzards and shoveling out your driveway, it is time to get ready for the worst the summer season has to give.

When the summer heat arrives in earnest, your vehicle and its engine will face enormous challenges. Nothing can damage your engine quite as quickly as extreme heat, and if you want to avoid breakdowns, you need to take proactive measures to keep your vehicle cool. Here are some springtime steps you can take to protect your car and its engine from the heat of the New York summer season to come.

Find Those Coolant Leaks

If you have a small leak in your coolant tank or hoses, that leak could get bigger once the summer heat arrives. Now is the time to look for and plug those leaks, before a burst hose or other issue leaves you stranded by the side of the road.

Check for coolant leaks under your parking spot or on your garage floor, then ask your mechanic to check the condition of your hoses. If your hoses are worn, dry or cracked, now is the time to replace them – do not wait for the heat of a New York summer to leave you stranded.

Flush and Fill Your Coolant

The coolant in your tank is essential for protecting your vehicle from overheating, and for preventing the engine damage that overheating would otherwise cause. If you want to protect your engine from the heat of a New York summer, ask your mechanic to flush and fill the coolant now – before the warm weather arrives.

Over time, the coolant in your vehicle loses its protective qualities, leaving your engine open to overheating and other damage. Changing the coolant now is the best way to protect your engine all summer long.

Time for an Oil Change

You know how important it is to change the oil in your vehicle regularly, but oil changes become even more essential when the summer heat arrives. The extreme heat of a New York summer can cause the oil in your crankcase to break down more quickly, upping the odds of damage and a hefty repair bill.

Check the sticker inside your windshield and make sure you follow the recommended oil change schedule. You may also want to ask your mechanic about switching to a lighter weight oil for the summer season, since a change of oil could provide extra protection during those temperature extremes.

The heat of summer is coming, and now is the time to get ready. If you want your vehicle to emerge from summer unscathed, you need to prepare it now, and the steps listed above can get you started.

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Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay

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