Collision Tips Help

Things to remember when you get in an accident:

  1. Turn off your vehicle as soon as it is safely possible
  2. Ensure that all passengers are ok in both vehicles if another party is involved.
  3. Ask for the other party’s name, phone number and insurance information.
  4. Report the collision to the police as soon as possible if the damage appears to be over $ 1,000. A general rule of thumb to determine damage: If one panel has a small scratch and needs to be painted it is approximately $ 300.00, if more than one panel needs replacement in generally is over $ 1,000.
  5. Do not admit fault, leave that for the police and insurance adjusters.

Determine if your vehicle if safe to drive away from the accident.


  1. Fluids are leaking
  2. Wheel or tire damage
  3. Difficulty in steering
  4. Lights damaged or wires cut
  5. Engine making unusual noises
  6. Air bags deployed or warning lights appear
  7. Body panels that are sticking out more than a few inches, have sharp or jiggered edges
  8. If you generally do not feel safe driving the vehicle Use common sense

The 1-2-3

  • Call your Insurance agent or company to report the loss.
  • Call a preferred local tow Company
  • Call us at (716) 249-4930 to arrange for an estimate and to set up substitute transportation. Let us do the rest!

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